Letter from our CEO:

Dear HEH Guests,

We hope you and your family have had a prosperous and healthy start to the year of the Tiger.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has financially hurt our entire industry. Guests have not returned, and supply chain issues have increased all of our expenses. We’re starting to accept the reality that the costs of staying open will continue to rise. A case of disposable containers that used to cost us $30 has risen to $85 and it’s still regularly out of stock. The price to replace a freezer at Chasin’ Tails that cost $1,800 last year is now over $4,000. So far, we were able to refrain from passing the costs onto our guests.

To remain a sustainable business that can provide you the best experience possible, we will be adding a temporary 4.5% restaurant recovery charge. We want to be transparent about why we finally made this decision. We plan to disclose the fee on all of our social media, websites, reservation confirmations, and receipts. These charges will be used to fund new and ongoing pandemic responses such as:

  1. Increasing costs from supply chain issues
  2. Extra wages such as OT to be staffed
  3. Sick pay for 40+ team members so far
  4. Masks, COVID tests, and care for our entire team
    Benefits such as mental health support

We are beyond grateful that our guests have been very generous and understanding about the recovery fee thus far. We hope you’ll support us as we continue to create long term win-wins for you, our team, and our community.

Di Dang
Founder & CEO
Happy Endings Hospitality Group

P.S. If you would like to have your fee removed for any reason; please let a teammate know and we will be happy to do so. If you have other concerns about the fee, please do not take it out on our teammates as it was my decision. Feel free to email me with questions or feedback at di@hehfood.com, and I’ll get back to you.