Three New Concepts To Open In The Heart of Falls Church

Falls Church residents won’t have to go far when looking for new restaurants to sample this year. They’ll be able to walk, bike, run or stroll to the four new places on tap to open at Founders Row.

After being the beloved destination for seafood for the past decade, Chasin’ Tails has evolved to be a “seafood social” because we believe food is better when it’s shared with great company. Call them a “court” or a squad, either way we invite them all in to feast and socialize.

The same RollPlay that we love with more attitude! We fell in love with our family’s food a long time ago, but one thing that held us back from sharing it was how long it took to make. The result, Roll play is a quick-service Vietnamese restaurant that’s reinvented the tradition of healthy, fresh, and tasty Vietnamese cuisine.

We have a singular purpose: to create new expressions of Viet-merican culture and cuisine that nourish the body and spirit. We elevate that experience through a modern interpretation of traditional dishes and a surreal pace that celebrates the richness of art and history of Vietnamese culture.

If you have 2+ years of hospitality experience and want to join an amazing team expanding to Falls Church City, apply now!

Every restaurant has a purpose statement on a wall somewhere… But purpose doesn’t means jacksh*t until it costs us money. That’s why we’re doing something almost unheard of in the restaurant industry.

Our purpose is to “empower fulfillment.” Fulfillment requires health, esteem and financial stability.

At HEH, we treat you as a respected professional.

You’re guaranteed a professional’s salary with insurance, health and PTO for vacations. Yes, even when it’s slow or we overschedule.

Our offer: Guaranteed $60K Salary w/~40 hour weeks-2 days off

  • Regular schedules
  • Insurance, gym and therapy benefits.
  • Paid time off & forced vacations